GLOP 01 -  "Lady of the Flies"
It’s campfire storytime with the girls from Our Lady Trinity of the Veils School.
Meet Bean, Wick, Candy, Lydia, and their headmistress Ms. Ladyfriend!
Tonight’s story begs the question: can girls govern themselves?

GLOP 02 -  "Love Story"
“Love Story” is a story of love! With no real story.

GLOP 03 -  "Lady Doctor"
Meet Lady Doctor! Her gloves always match her shoes.

GLOP 04 -  "Sketchy"
What is art? What is friendship? “Sketchy” answers neither of these questions.

GLOP 05 -  "Full Moon"
They say the moon pulls the tides but what if it pulled something else?

GLOP 06 -  "Fake It"
"To fake it or not to fake it" ... that is the question.